Welcome to Midnight Soul

Midnight Soul is dedicated to underground house music of all flavors: deep, soulful, dirty, disco, electro, acid, funky and all points in between. I created this site share dj mixes with friends, family, and all the other house music lovers out there.  The site is very simple to use – you can listen to the mixes online or download the MP3 files and do what you want with them.

I hope you find joy in the music that has shaped my life and continues to influence me every day.

Dj Chad Clubb

7 Responses to “Welcome to Midnight Soul”

  1. ’bout damned time!!!!

  2. Champagne Disco?? Hi Chad, Tina told me you might have it up… I miss you guys and I’m so glad Tina told me about this site. I’m a groupie for life, for you, the music, for “The Clubs”!.

    Love your grooving, moving, sweet loving ways, thanks for making Tina such a happy wife and continuing to give the public, your loyal fans, lots to groove to.

    Loyal Fan for Life,
    Brooke Willow Ybanez

  3. Much love to you, Brooke. And congratulations!! I heard the wonderful news and know you’re gonna be a wonderful mom. Make sure the little gets a steady diet of house music to grow up big and funky. Hope to see you soon…

  4. hey I will be telling my mates about your mixes they are quality xx I love it xx

  5. Good times with you both this weekend. So glad we got to chat for a while and talk shop. Let’s do it again soon! 🙂

  6. How come I can only download like 20% of this great music??

  7. Apologies for what sounds like network issues. Try downloading again and shout if you run in to more problems. I’ll send you a different link.