Special Guest Mix: Dj Rooz – 2 Deep 4 the Club

djroozTo keep the music flowing on Midnight Soul I’ve enlisted the help of a friend, Dj Rooz.  Well known in the San Francisco underground as one of the hardest working dj/promoters, Rooz has graciously provided this fantastic downtempo mix that incorporates electronic beats, jazz, funk, soul and minimal techno into an hour and sixteen minute melodic journey.

In addition to his musical talents, Dj Rooz keeps the SF underground well informed about upcoming parties, events, and the latest music to hit the streets through his frequently updated website.

Check it out… http://www.djrooz.com

3 Responses to “Special Guest Mix: Dj Rooz – 2 Deep 4 the Club”

  1. hey man , i was just wondering if you could message me the Track-list to ” 2 Deep 4 the Club vol 1 and 2 , you have really good taste in music, keep the good grooves roll’n, thanks .

  2. Hey bud- reach out to Dj Rooz (http://www.djrooz.com/) if you’re interested in a specific track. Cheers

  3. Extremely deep for the club i would say..loving it! (SA)