Live at the Clubb House-Part 1 | Soulful House | Jun, 2010

Dj Chad Clubb - Live at the Clubb House - Part 1This is part 1 of a three-and-half-hour set record­ed live at the Clubb House on June 5th, 2010.  It kicks off with a mix­ture of old and new school soul­ful house tracks like ‘Music & Wine’ and ‘Girls Are Evil’. Then builds up to some rockin’ gospel house before tran­si­tion­ing to an under­ground house sound per­fect­ed by the likes of Quentin Har­ris, Mr. V, Den­nis Fer­rer, and Ralf Gum. Be sure to lis­ten for track 14, it’s a sick remix of the 2000 anthem titled ‘Bad Habit’ by ATFC and OnePhat­De­va. The orig­i­nal track has been inject­ed with new life by the Span­ish pro­duc­er, Uner.


Track Listing:

  1. All I Do (U-Turn Dis­co Mix) – Ste­vie Won­der
  2. Music & Wine – Blue Six
  3. Girls Are Evil (Groove Junkies Mix) – Jocas­ta
  4. Those Things (Simon Grey Phase II Vocal Mix) – Miguel Migs
  5. Love Con­nec­tion – Fanatix feat. Alex Mills
  6. Church Lady (MF Mix) – Den­nis Fer­rer
  7. Old Land­mark (Sven Love Mix) – Djoon ft. Ken­ny Bobi­en
  8. You Don’t Know (Trib­ute Mix) – Susu Bobi­en
  9. In Time (Richard Earn­shaw Mix) – Andy Comp­ton
  10. Hate on Me (Sole Chan­nel ft. Mr. V) – Jill Scott
  11. Bring the Beat Back – Mr. V
  12. The Tea (Layabouts Mix) – Chok­late
  13. Some­thing Spe­cial (Spir­it Catch­er Mix) – Max Sed­g­ley
  14. Bad Habit (Uner Mix) – ATFC ft. Lisa Milet
  15. Love for Now – Nicc john­son ft. LT Brown
  16. Music is the Answer (Gabriel Vez­zo­la Mix) – Dan­ny Tenaglia ft. Cele­da

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