Scorpio Daze – Deep House Music – Jan. 2009

To start, I’d like to say thank you to all who pitched in for my amazing birthday gift last month. It’s only been a few weeks since I started playing on my CDJ 1000’s but I can honestly say that I’ve never been more inspired to DJ. Had I known playing CD’s was this much fun I would have hung up the vinyl years ago. So, thank you! Especially to the love of my life and the mastermind behind the gift – you’re the best Tina!

As for my latest house mix, it was created for a close group of friends born in November (hence the name) and played at Pink with Franky Boissy and Jojo Flores.


Track Listing:

  1. Christos Kessidis – “Abre Las Alas” feat Namara
  2. Jay Tripwire – “Noodle Disco”
  3. Dj Dealer – “The Dance Electric”
  4. Da Sunlounge – “Rude Jazz”
  5. Jazzy Eyewear – “Cruise Control”
  6. Sound Diggers – “Mind Bomb”
  7. Trevor Loveys – “Swing It”
  8. Terminator X – “The Boogie That Be”
  9. Soul Conspiracy – “Freak”
  10. Troydon – “Playtime”
  11. Kinky Movement – “Illusion”
  12. Sound Republic – “Penny Slots”
  13. Nate Laurence & Scrubfish – “Sleepless Cold Nights”
  14. Bon Johnson – “Slumber Party Massacre”
  15. Brown & Da Sunlounge – “Want to Do”
  16. Jay Heath – “I’m With Ya”
  17. Pulaski Park – “Labeda” Sunday Morning mix

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