Disco 99 – Disco House Music – Feb. 2008


This is a banging disco house set that may cause serious physical and psychological side effects. I recommend caution! The mixing is absurd, the track selection is over the top, and there are parts of the mix that could cause epileptic seizures.

All that aside, it was a lot of fun to make! We don’t hear much disco house in our circles anymore so I have to resort to bangin’ it out in the privacy of my own home. Yes, I’m still talking about house music…

And one day while viciously throwing down on his box Jack boldly declared LET THERE BE HOUSE! And house music was born. You see, house is a feeling that no one can understand really unless you’re deep into the vibe of house. House is an uncontrollable desire to jack your body and as I told you before this is our house and our house music.

I pulled tracks from a number of legendary house producers that used to rock the disco tracks back in the day – Carl Cox, Olav Basoski, Robbie Rivera, Antoine Clamaran, Dj Disciple, and Richard “Humpty” Vission and many others. The ’90s were an awesome time for funky ass house music… here’s a little reminder.


Track Listing:

  1. Duffle – “Sweat N Wet” J Reverse mix
  2. Disco Darlings – “Rock this Place”
  3. Dj Funkso – “Walk on the Park”
  4. Tim Deluxe – “We All Love Sax”
  5. Carl Cox – “Give Me Your Love” Mi-Son mix
  6. Olav Basoski – “Back of da Bus”
  7. DC Chant – “No Stoppin'”
  8. Dj Funkso “The Crave”
  9. Boriqua Bandits “Midnite Exspresso” Dj Disciple dub
  10. Steve Porter & Dj Hush – “Carismo”
  11. Robbie Rivera – “Sex” feat Billy Paul – Antoine Clamaran mix
  12. Unknown Artist – “The Disco Set”
  13. Unknown Artist – “House Precurser”
  14. Dj Trieb – “House Ain’t Givin’ Up” – Tony Bravo mix
  15. Seamus Haji – “Party People”
  16. Denis Naidanow – “Get the Funk”
  17. Graflin Booth – “Get Me Workin'” Zero Down mix
  18. D.V.N. – “Feel it Now”
  19. Mattlok & Mahogany Bliss – “I Luv Funky Music”
  20. Sugar Caine – “Addicted to Disco”
  21. Glamour Inc. – “Nasty Disco”
  22. Unknown Artist – “???”
  23. Pleasure Seekers – “Move It”
  24. Bionik Phunk – “In My Head” feat Sugar Caine

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